Homemade Gingershots, Lemonade & Pickled Pumpkins

Homemade Gingershots, Lemonade & Pickled Pumpkins
In these Corona times, it`s important to keep the immune system strong!
At Chili Gourmet we drink Homemade Gingershots every day!

Ginger Shots

              • 300 gr. Fresh Ginger Roots
              • 3/4 Liter Water, from bottle
              • 2 big ecological Lemons
              • 4 Spoons of real Honey

Clean the Ginger roots in cold water. Slice all the Ginger and don’t worry about leaving the skin on the Ginger. Put the slices to boil in a cooking pot together with the Water for about 20 minutes. Turn of the heat and leave in the pot, covered with the lid for minimum 12 hours.

Remove all the Ginger slices and put a bit of the liquid into a small pan. Boil together with the Honey, until its dissolved and mix it together with the rest of the liquid. Make Juice out of the Lemons and mix it together with the Ginger liquid. Put in sealed glass bottles and storage in the fridge up to 7 days. Drink a big shot every morning and you will boost your health. It tastes a bit strong, so if you don’t like the wake-up strongness, just add some extra Honey next time you make it.  

If you are so lucky to have a very giving lemon tree, here is a recipe for lemonade as well 🙂


              • 125 gr. Sugar
              • 1 Liter Water, from bottle
              • 4 big ecological Lemons

Cut the skin of one of the Lemons without too much of the white part, then you make juice out of all the lemons.

Bring half of the Water, the Lemon skin, and the Sugar to boil in a cooking pot. When the sugar is dissolved, take it of the heat and leave it to rest for a little while. Take out the Lemon skin and mix the liquid together with the rest of the Water & the fresh Lemon Juice. Storage in the fridge up till 6 days.

You can easily make a doble portion, as the Lemonade surely will disappear quite fast. We love to serve the fresh Lemonade in large cocktail glasses, with lots of ice cubes, a slice of Lemon and fresh mint leaves. Even sometimes we put a straw and a shot of dark rum 😉

Ginger can be used for so many things – today we made Pickled Pumpkin with Ginger & Vanilla as well – it`s delicious!

Vanilla & Ginger Pickled Pumpkin

              • Pre-pickle:
              • 1 ½ kilo fresh Pumpkin
              • 1 Liter boiled but lukewarm Water
              • 2 dl. Vinegar
              • 1 teaspoon Salt


              • Boiling-pickle:
              • 1 Liter Water
              • 1 fresh Vanilla Bean
              • 25 gr. Fresh Ginger Roots
              • 1 fresh ecological Lemon
              • 600 gr. Sugar
              • 1 fresh ecological Lemon
              • 2 teaspoons Atamon


Clean and split across the fresh Pumpkin, cut away all the hard skin and clean out the seeds from inside with a spoon. Keep the seeds for later, in case you want to grow your own plants, or slow-bake them in the oven for snacks or salad topping. Make slices of the Pumpkin meat in about 5 cm or into the size you prefer. Mix all the pre-pickle together in a bowl, add the sliced Pumpkin and leave it to marinate for 24 hours in the fridge. Make sure the liquid covers all the pumpkin, a plate on top could do the trick.

Prepare the Boiling-pickle into a big pot with the Water, Sugar, Atamon & Juice of Lemon. Remove the skin of the Ginger roots and cut them into slices. Open the Vanilla and add both the seeds and the beans into the pot, put it all to boil at high power.

Remove and discard the liquid after the pre-pickle marinate and put the Pumpkins into the boiling-pickle and leave them to boil for about 4-5 minutes. Remove the Pumpkins, Vanilla Beans and Ginger carefully into some glass canning jars, that you in advance have cleaned with boiling water and given an Atamon-wash. Add the Sugar, Atamon and Lemon to the warm liquid and leave it to boil for about 10 minutes. Carefully pour the liquid into the canning jars with the Pumpkins and close while the are still warm to seal. Leave at room temperature for abut a month before eating. Once open, storage in the fridge. The Pickled Pumpkins can last sealed, for about one year, if you haven’t eaten them already<3


Enjoy cooking

Chef Helle, Chili Gourmet Catering

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