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Welcome to the world of Chili Gourmet. We offer complete Gourmet Catering services for all types of party, celebrations and events on the Costa del Sol.
Every single client is very important to us and our team will do all, to make you feel relaxed so you can enjoy your special day to the fullest.
We take big pleasure in making any occasion into a special & successful experience.
Also we can provide all needed equipment, decorations, entertainment & services for any kind of party or event.

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If you have the occasion, location & the guests, we do the rest
Chili Gourmet

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Chef Helle

Helle Barlebo

I love my Job
Helle Barlebo

The Chef

Helle Barlebo


In 1991 Chef Helle opened the doors to the first of her 8 restaurants in Denmark. Her life and passion has always been dedicated to cooking and creating an experience for her clients. Helle´s second passion is the Andalusian Horses and Culture. So she decided that the best solution is to combine her passions with a life in Spain, that´s when Chili Gourmet was born.

Chili Gourmet started up in 2010 and had a fantastic start, with the passion that Helle shows for her cooking and the flexibility to provide everything for all kinds of events. It’s been a success from the first day.

Now Chili Gourmet has caterings all over the Costa del Sol, were every event or party has it´s unique touch. Helle keeps collecting inspiration from all corners of the world. To her it’s important to have innovating menus, providing exciting experiences for her clients. She also shares some of these delicious recipes, in food columns in the leading Scandinavian magazines on Costa del Sol, as well as in Marbella Home & Lifestyle Magazine.



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