Delicious pickled red onion

Delicious pickled red onion

Delicious pickled red onion

              • 1 kg. Fresh and organic red onions
              • 2 dl. Apple cider vinegar
              • 2 dl. Sugar
              • 1 tbsp. Salt
              • 2 tbsp. Whole red rose peppercorns
              • 2 pcs. Bay leaf

It’s actually very easy to make some delicious treats ,here you get one of the fast ones, which is guaranteed to be one of those that will be repeated when you first get started.

Ad the apple cider vinegar in a small pan, add sugar, salt, rose pepper and bayleafs  and give it all a little boil until the sugar dissolves. Clean the Red onions and cut into fine slices or boats, its up to you.

Put the red onions into  jars and pour the warm vinegar mixture ontop. Stir a few times, so  the vinegar mix well with the redonions this also helps that the onion lets go of its liquid more. When you are done put the jar in the fridge.

The pickled red onion can be enjoyed from the first day and can last for a long time in the frige. When you are out of red onion in the glass to take advantage of the vinegar mix just ad  some more red onions.

Hope these easy tips gives you an extra tasteful touch to your everyday dishes such as salads, omelets, fish and much more.

We hope you will enjoy making this organic treat from scratch

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